2014 Midterm Election

2014 Midterm Election


The United States 2014 Midterm Election has been historic on many accounts. There have been a lot of interesting stories coming out of it. So, I've compiled some of the most interesting here. I'll update it regularly as new stories emerge, also, feel free to suggest them on Facebook or Twitter.


2014-11-06 6pm


Historic Republican Victories

Youngest Woman Ever

Elise Stefanik

2014-11-05 - New York elects 30-year-old Republican as youngest woman EVER in congress just weeks after she became old enough to stand | By AP and Josh Gardner | Daily Mail

2014-11-03 - Meet the Republican who may become the youngest-ever woman in Congress | by Marisa Schultz | New York Post

2014-11-03 - This 30-Year-Old Rising Star Is Already Being Touted As The Future Of The GOP | by Brett LoGiurato | Business Insider

Saira Blair

2014-11-04 - West Virginia Elects America’s Youngest State Lawmaker | by Kris Maher | The Wall Street Journal

Democrats Defeated

2014-11-06 - Wounded Dems look for answers | by Mike Lillis | The Hill

Democrats on the Defense

2014-11-03 - Harry Reid’s Fateful Evening | by Jon Ralston | Politico