A Tutorial for the Photojournalist

A quick and easy guide

The folks at the Journalists’ Toolkit have compiled a list of articles from Photo Composition Articles into an easy to understand guide to the basics of photojournalism. In seven links, they address several important aspects of photography that should be considered by every photojournalist (or photographer for that matter.)

The tutorial covers:

  • Simplicity

  • Rule of Thirds

  • Lines

  • Balance

  • Framing

  • And how to avoid mergers

 Included, with each step of the tutorial, are photos and captions briefly explaining the principles covered in the article. This makes the subject material easy to digest and understand. Taking a cue from its first tutorial, the articles are simplistic. There is not large sections of text to digest, but rather a few sentences to each photograph. Most of the photos concisely pull together the concepts being discussed. The entire tutorial should take you no more than half an hour to fully-digest.

 The articles combine technical tips with aesthetics to make sure the photos you select (and take) are aesthetically pleasing. This means that in the process of understand the technical aspects of the photographic concepts, but that the overall impression of the photo to your average audience is pleasing and fitting.

 All of these articles are provided free of charge. They can be easily accessed via the Journalists’ Toolkit website at http://www.jtoolkit.com/photojournalism/ If this tutorial isn’t enough, the Photo Composition Articles website has a plethora of other content regarding photography at http://photoinf.com/

 If you’re looking for an even more succinct overview of the lessons you can checkout my slideshow embeded below.