GetPocket button not working in Waterfox/Firefox when trying to save

About a month ago I started experiencing this extremely annoying/debilitating bug in Waterfox (and possibly Firefox?)

If you don’t want to read all of the narrative, click here for the quick solution.


If you’re having the problem of the Pocket button not appearing at all try this: Go to about:config, type “pocket” find the entry for browser.pocket.enabled and make sure it’s set to true.

I’m a Pocket Premium user and I use Pocket A LOT to keep track of the mountains of articles I read and save for future reading. This started about a month ago and it made using Pocket impossible. To say it was inconvenient is an understatement.

I’ve spent a few hours of searching and tinkering, trying to find a solution. Doing a search for “Waterfox pocket not working” yielded tons of junk results. Then, tonight, I stumbled across a solution.

I don’t usually write how-to/trouble shooting guides, but I imagine someone else out there is also having this same problem.


I stumbled across this post on Reddit. The problem wasn’t the same, but it got me thinking of my plugins. I began with disabling Adblock Plus as the thread suggested. Nothing. Then I disabled Ghostery. Nothing. Finally, I disabled NoScript. Bingo!

I clicked to check what scripts were being blocked. Nothing that resembled GetPocket.


While enabled, the GetPocket button would not work. I decided to go add to NoScript’s whitelist.


Already on there. Well, that’s problematic.

NoScript Hunt

I did a few more Google searches trying to get a lead when I stumbled across this post on NoScript’s Mozilla add-on page. Let me be honest, I have no idea what most of that means, and I’m not inferring it has anything to do with the problem but one thing stood out.

Corrected mistyped about:pocket-saved whitelist entry

If you’re not aware, “about:” is a link to a config menu in your browser. For example, if you type into your search bar about:config into your location bar, you’ll see a huge list of settings that can be tweaked—be careful, you can really mess something up in there.

So, I typed about:pocket-saved into my location bar.

About-Pocket-PageHey look! It’s blocked!

Update: Also check to see if about:pocket-signup is blocked.


If you’ve followed us up to this point, the easiest solution is to click on the NoScript button and click Allow about:pocket-saved.



If you used the skip button to get a quick solution…


NoScript is blocking about:pocket-saved (and/or about:pocket-signup) which is the content of the window that pops up when you click the GetPocket button.

To solve this problem go to NoScript’s options > Whitelists and add about:pocket-saved and about:pocket-signup to the whitelist like so.


Make sure you click “Allow” then “OK” and you should be good to go. Test it out.



I hope this solved your problem! If you found this super useful and would like to buy me a coffee, that’d be swell.