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I have compiled a list of my best and favorite articles that have been published.  Please click on each respective link to view the full article.

King’s Journey

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Originally Published: January 18, 2016
Publication: Nullify Abortion

“You don’t need another baby,” she recalled him saying. “So he pulls out his forceps, the same ones he used to deliver my living son, and he began to do the procedure in the exam room.”

Twin truckers enjoy life on the road

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Originally Published: December 13, 2014
Publication: Oakland University News Bureau

“You make good money, you don’t have a boss breathing down your back, the open road ahead of you. Nope, no regrets.”


King’s Journey - Nullify Abortion - January 18, 2016
An exclusive biography about Alveda King — niece of Martin Luther King, Jr — and her experiences with abortion

The Secret to Fundraising Websites - Continue to Give - December, 2015
Tips for nonprofits on how to best utilize the Internet for raising money

Michigan mulls state ban on sale of aborted baby parts - Nullify Abortion - December 10, 2015
News brief and call to action on Michigan HB 5086

Alabama considers bill that would end most abortions - Nullify Abortion - December 4, 2015
News brief and call to action on Alabama SB 9

Pro-lifers are only pro-birth - Nullify Abortion - September 29, 2015
Challenging claims — with research — that pro-life advocates only care about people before birth

Men can’t have opinions about abortion - Nullify Abortion - September 13, 2015
Editorial on the hypocrisy of censoring men in the abortion debate

Indiana passes law for disposition of aborted babies; We can do more - Nullify Abortion - August 12, 2015
News write-up on Indiana law with editorial

DEVELOPING: States Defund Planned Parenthood - Nullify Abortion - August 6, 2015
News regarding slew of states defunding Planned Parenthood in light of revelations of alleged sale of fetal parts

Letter to the editor: Administration knows better than the weather service - The Oakland Post - January 12, 2015
Bold critique of Oakland University's administration's failure to cancel classes due to dangerous weather conditions

Twins enjoy life on the road - Oakland University News Bureau - December 13, 2014
Twins Don & Dave Wolf talk about their 25 years on the road as truckers

Dickens lives on in festival - Oakland University News Bureau - December 12, 2014
The inside scoop on the 41st Holly Dickens Festival in Holly, Michigan

'Defend life,' says niece of MLK - Oakland University News Bureau - November 30, 2014
An exclusive interview with Dr. Alveda Celeste King

The art of video games - Oakland University News Bureau - November 11, 2014
Flint Institute of Arts hosts second most popular exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution

Scrawny plant grows a monster pumpkin - Oakland University News Bureau - October 14, 2014
Fenton, Michigan's Cottermans grow pumpkin over 100 lbs.

Disc golf more popular than ever - Oakland University News Bureau - October 2, 2014
Shedding light on the breakaway sport with interviews from Matt Gregoire of the PDGA and Brian Sullivan of Discraft Inc.

Zanie Janie's: A community vibe with coffee - Oakland University News Bureau - September 15, 2014

A Letter to the Editor: Syria - The Oakland Post - September 8, 2013

A million for capital plan - Clarkston News - April 24, 2013
Made front page of the print edition

Signing for Laughs - Patch.com of Troy - April 9, 2013
Was featured on the home page

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Guns aren’t the problem, people are - The Oakland Post - February 5, 2013 - PDF copy



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